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Monday, June 13, 2011

ADHD Drug Side Effects- Looking At The Valid And Safer Alternatives.

by Robert William Locke

There is a lot of concern nowadays about ADHD drug side effects. This is because they are powerful mind altering drugs and their effects on the child's whole development is causing a lot of worry and angst. Others say that only about 30% of children on these drugs cannot stand the side effects but that seems to be a very high percentage to me.

Over 5 million children in the USA and about 20 million kids worldwide are now branded with the label ADHD. They seem to have attention problems, are hyperactive and are also disruptive which, according to the ADHD deniers, they are just being typical children. As the vast majority of these children are on prescribed drugs, we can see why there is so much worry and concern.

Those who insist that there is a biological/neurological disorder which must be medicated, represent the other extreme view. These are usually in the pay of the drug companies and include teachers, doctors and parents too who are recruited to appear on Facebook and pretend that they are bona fide parents of children with ADHD.

The pharmaceutical industry is so afraid of the backlash from worried parents that they have even paid for research which sets out to discredit the homeopathic and herbal remedies. It is not surprising really, given that there are millions of dollars involved.

What are the ADHD drug side effects?

These range from sleepiness during the day and then sleepless nights. There is also a negative effect on appetite and there are reports of stunted growth among these children. There may be nausea, psychotic episodes, suicidal thinking, cardiac events and also depression. Some children feel zombie like and cannot wait to get off these drugs.

ADHD drug side effects may also involve an addiction for substance abuse given that these drugs are basically amphetamines.

In a damning report which runs to over 700 pages, the Drug Effectiveness Review of Oregon State University actually did over 2,000 studies on whether the ADHD drug side effects were worth the risk. They found that they were not worth very much at all and there did not seem to be any conclusive evidence that they actually helped at all!

Basically they were not helpful in the long run and were just about managing the symptoms, which is what the drug companies claim. But is that enough? Can that justify drugging the nation's children?

Other studies have shown that the effects of ADHD drugs wear off after about three years and the child is put on stronger medication or just left to cope.

In conclusion, we can only say parents should read more and find out what the alternatives to the side effects of ADHD drugs are. There is a very simple answer which I have explained on my website. Why not check it out?

Love, cherish and protect your child. Experts now tell us that natural ADHD treatments . combined with child behavior modification techniques is by far the most effective ADHD treatment. Robert Locke has written extensively on ADHD and Mental Health for many years. For more parenting and ADHD advice, visit :-

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