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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bullshit--Anti-Psychiatry and Anti-Medication Song

This song is from my album "Songs from the Locked Ward," written and recorded in the summer of 2009.

I wrote it as a testament to the horrors people suffer at the hands of psychiatry---the lack of empathy, the forced medication, the involuntary hospitalizations, the pseudoscience of psychiatric studies, the lies about genetic causes of mental problems, the corrupt ties of researchers to Big Pharma, the shallow and emotionally blind therapists, the denial of trauma, and the denial of full recovery, to name a few .

As a therapist, I've heard these stories---in painful detail---from my patients all too many times.

A few notes: I mention E. Fuller Torrey, the author of "Surviving Schizophrenia," in this song. I find his biological and forced treatment point of view repugnant. He's on Youtube, so you can see him for yourself.

I also mention Peter Breggin. He's a radical psychiatrist and heroic critic of psychiatry. He's also on Youtube---and I've put up some video interviews of him as well.


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